About Us

DigiDevils features a team of experts who have dedicated themselves to the tech and service industry. We are passionate about sustainability, quality, health, and technology. From nightclubs to bars to restaurants to mom and pop shops, we have done it all and would love to bring your small businesses into the 21st century.

Core Team

Tonni Williams | COO

Tonni brings over 10 years of business management expertise from big box studios and corporate hospitality. After venturing from the east coast, Tonni has landed in Los Angeles and co-created DigiDevils after seeing the powerful impact social media has on a business’ future.

Preston Cobb | Designer & Consultant

From costumes and themes in Las Vegas nightclubs to interior design and holiday décor for over 10 restaurants in San Diego, Preston has done it all! Preston has an eye for what’s missing, even when you don’t realize it. Starting a new concept or product? Preston is your guy.

Tyler Caiden | CEO

After 10 years in Las Vegas nightlife and hospitality, Tyler has made Los Angeles his home and co-founded DigiDevils. Tyler has creative vision and multiple talents including design, video production, and marketing. In this new digital future, Tyler sees, follows, and creates trends, giving businesses’ an edge.